Rayca ft Big G – man go do wati

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best hit in Cameroon



Rayca Hood says:

thanks man

Rayca Hood says:

thanks dear 

Clovis Forji says:

ride on my g/s

addictedtogoodmuzik says:

Nice seeing my K men doing their thing. Kumba train don leave station nothing no fit stop am.
Great work guys. Go take one charge now for your bill. Hehe

Rayca Hood says:

no,na for ma name for ya bill hahahaha

Rayca Hood says:

ya thanks

iya witty says:

just raped de replay button. Gabonaise watz up. longest tym. nice 2 c u. na ‘sara’ 4 mbonge road, ccask

Rayca Hood says:

his doing fine.this is Rayca

tabecaleb says:

that’s great son

Rayca Hood says:

hahah,thanks man.

Rudhy Flehminn says:

good job ma boys.. Deskman Dj confirm!

Rayca Hood says:


Carine coxy says:

lol. ….this is a hitsong.hahahh i love it

Rayca Hood says:

thanks for da comment

Rayca Hood says:

thanks for da comment

emesong jane says:

Good work Raymond n more grace to u guys,nothing is easy on earth.

Rayca Hood says:

thanks dear,ur da best

Rayca Hood says:

we are just representx the real cameroon hahah

Cathy Shupoh says:

u re welcome

Globetrotter5km says:

The African Fujis lol

Sarita Atabong says:

me love my home town!!Cameroon all day<3

Rayca Hood says:


Abuyainspires says:

Rayca..dis is d boom..lol..u guys..dancing all day

Melita Owen says:

Cameroonians will always do somethings for their culture and that just made me love and respect my country for their culture and African drums!!!!


this is inspirational for real


j’ador trop cool vive le cameroon

capelo diaz says:

Hello guys, check out this upcoming young talented artist “Paul-Ken Wind It Up”. He’s so amazing, from Cameroon. Thanks Guys, peace 🙂

Rayca Hood says:

yeah na God

Rayca Hood says:

yeah,na God

Skylertaylor123 says:

Representttt  camerooon


Nice one from our hood…one love!!!

Rayca Hood says:

thanks dude

BongomVillage says:

Putam no fear, Oooo mini mini. hahaha! e correct well

Tabe paddy owan says:

keep doing your thing k town boy.i am proud to be a fiango pikin.

Rayca Hood says:

yeah we doing it real…

smartcalo says:

Rayca Hood. You too Much! Good voice, good lyrics, good music. And above all the excellent flavor from Kumba. Keep up and keep coming with more!! Thumbs up!! I am sure your best is still to come!!

Rayca Hood says:

thanks, the best is to come

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