Mankon Asamba Dance Group of Minnesota USA

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The Asamba Dance Group is not just another tribal dance group. It is ASAMBA DANCE GROUP. What this means is that you enjoy them the most by letting them play their own music to your ears and dazzle your eyes with their dance. That is what they are all about, that is what they work hard to do.



azizip171 says:

Thank you for publishing this video.

I added it to a post on my cultural blog. Google Pancocojams Spraying Money On Asamba Dancers In The Cameroons. While that post focuses on the custom of showering persons with paper money, I’m also interested in the dance performance & wish I knew more about the meaning of the Asamba dance. I can find nothing about the Asamba dance online. I also LOVE the designs of traditional clothing & hats worn by the dancers.
Wishing to know more, an African American

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