Mbaghalum – John Minang

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Mankon music from North West region of Cameroon.



queenterna says:

this is the best

Mbah33 says:

Great, great video and music!

Endah Mbanwi says:

makes me dance

atehndin says:


Endah Mbanwi says:

i love afica and proud to be an african(nw) cameroon

grazzellian says:

Na Wandaful* Thank you for this nostalgic music that gives us a rich cultural experience of Cameroon and especially the grassfields. I loved it.

ankiasih says:

I am not from Mankon but i love Mbaghalum, its very traditional and there is skill and great dignity in this dance. The beat of that talking drum enchants me always. Peace.

mamichelle1 says:

am so proud to be from this village with such good traditional mbaghalum

cpimadrid says:

god live like it ….

scott tiga says:

By my own words I Quote ” you only have good memories of a place if you’ve been there” and that place is Abakwa

scott tiga says:

“Lie man” you de too lie

panhumbly says:

Whaooooo I was so marvelled to find this post. Very proud to be from Mankon as well. Tks for posting.

Emmanuel Mallo says:

Mbaghalum and bottle dance has qualities of being a world art phenomenon, but they need transformation, hard work and promotion.

To meet international standards the dancing has to be intense and more coordinated. What I see from the dancers is too weak and sluggish. The music itself need serious need serious arrangement.

kndam72 says:

wow! great great to finally find my country music on here!

kedioh says:

Why would you want to transform it?? Transform it and it becomes something else. Why not keep our culture the way it is? It is awesome just the way it is. We should accept and embrace our culture instead of trying to Westernise it. I love it the way it is and I pray that it stays that way!

njideandnat says:

this brings back memories
love this and thanks for posting

njideandnat says:

This brings back memories
thanks for the posting

throbule says:

You are 100% right to say this.
Africa has more culture and history than the whole world put together, and diluting it with western style is a travesty.
I’ve seen enough of Western and American rubbish to last me several lifetimes.
Oh, and I’m not even an African.

Mckol0001 says:

You just correct.I think every western culture is a boring repetition of the previous one.Africa has a great diversity of culture across the gracious continent.

throbule says:

What do you mean by international standards?
There is no such thing in art or culture.
No African artist should compete with any other standard than its own.
This music is amazing exactly as it is and the dancers do a fine job.
Vive Africa!!!

gchantalis says:

Love this music. Great work bro. keep it. Great music from Southern Cameroon

atehndin says:

Lol thnx but im not a bro… im a woman

gchantalis says:

Sorry and thx for the correction. Noted

music2498 says:

Mankon dance Woooooooo.

Joseph Dorelus says:


LarunyHati says:

Beautiful music!!! Go Cameroon!!!, Continue the good work. On behalf of one your Garifuna brothers! Wabarougoun iduhenu! (Lets move forward, relatives) In the Garifuna language.

Emmanuel Mallo says:

I used to dance Mbaghalum back in Cameroon. I know real Mbagahalum when I see one. I am not saying that this one is not good. I am not saying that it should be modified with foreign stuff. For the world to really appreciate anything coming from Africa in terms of art and culture it has to be real. When I talk of being real it should primitive as it used to be. Take a westerner 200 or 500 years behind with your art. They are tired of modern things, they want real primitive cultures.

Emmanuel Mallo says:

I am an artist from Cameroon living here promoting and transforming the way foreigners see African art and culture. So international standard is something that is different and will make people thinking and asking serious questions or wanting to discover it.

eyoumwonje says:

i like very much folk dancing from north west cameroon especially from bamenda

jeneephaa says:

upper ngemba Oyeee

barikalilndifor says:


Jennifer amabo says:

i love this kind of music because it speaks my langue

delphine mumbari says:

my beeeeeeeeessssssssst!love this song thanks brother!

Wananyoh Mefebe says:

This is the sound that resonates to the depths of your soul and takes you home if you are from the Northwest Province.

atehndin says:

….your welcome 🙂 im a woman tho

Frank Sergio says:

the person wey he click dislike,,,,,need clean mankon slap for he face.,,,jealousy people.

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